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When you face challenging decisions, the perspective of someone who knows your business and industry well is invaluable in helping you manage and grow your business. Your SVA advisor is a phone call away any time you need informed-but-independent advice for making strategic business decisions.

The information found in this section is general to all businesses and practices. Please check our industry pages for additional service offerings related to your specific industry.

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Accounting Software Review and Consulting

Staying on top of the accounting function takes less staff time and effort with accounting software that meets your needs, and is nimble enough to service you as your business grows and as your financial reporting needs change. It could be time to evaluate your current accounting system or learn how to maximize its potential. As accounting professionals, we have practical experience with a wide range of accounting software options and can help you choose and implement the system that best fits your needs.

Click the link to learn more about accounting software.

If at this time we find your business needs a more comprehensive technology strategy and solution, we will set up a meeting with SVA Consulting who offers a full line of technology solutions for organizations needing a more advanced level of automation, capabilities, scalability and reporting.

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Benchmarking is the process of measuring a company’s financial performance to other similar companies. Companies then use this information to “grade” their performance in various financial areas and identify where they are performing well and where they are lagging behind. Once areas in need of improvement are identified, a plan with specific action steps and measurements can be created and implemented.

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Budget Planning and Forecasting

You have a vision for your company and you have mapped out the key performance objectives to accomplish that vision. Budgeting and forecasting is a critical tool in the planning process to ensure you achieve those performance objectives.

SVA’s professionals can review different forecasting models and tools. We can also help identify the best revenue and expense forecasting methodology. The goal of this process is to help you make good financial decisions and manage growth.

Through best practices, benchmarking and other tools at our disposal, SVA can guide you through the typical pitfalls of budgeting. We use our expertise to define the tactics and strategies needed to set your business on course to achieve realistic budgets and stretch goals in order to achieve your desired growth and success.

Budget Review and Analysis

Budgeting has been called an art and a science. But one thing that can’t be debated when realistically looking at a budget is holding key stakeholders accountable to it. A balanced scorecard is one method or tool to do so. The word balance also means the “right” balance between people, profits and controls.

SVA can guide you to make sure your budgeting process is working to increase your potential for higher earnings, which fuels growth and success. Take a step back and let SVA ensure you are making smart resource allocations, your planning and budgeting is strategic in nature, your spending is in line with your growth plan, your budgets are at the sophisticated level they need to be, and your return on investment calculations are right on the money!

Cash Flow Projections and Break-Even Analysis

Cash flow is essential – it is the roadmap to performance or the core of the financial process. A cash flow forecast ensures you have the financial resources to fund your company’s growth or simply, to make the next payroll. Most companies want to do better than just covering all of their fixed or variable costs, but aren’t certain where that actually occurs or what all of the factors are to make that goal attainable.

SVA can help this process along by making sure all costs are considered, pricing for your product or service is right in today’s marketplace, your sales goals are set at the right level, the cost of buying the materials for your product is in line and the list goes on. Let us help you clearly define your average per unit revenue, average per unit cost and your monthly fixed costs to get you to that break-even point as fast as possible.

CFO by the Hour

This option is for businesses who can’t justify the cost of a full-time CFO. This is a flexible role for us as your needs change and your business grows. We’re available to guide you through financing plans, capital projects, financial projections, cash flow, day-to-day accounting operations, oversight of accounting staff and all the financial aspects of running a business. You have the flexibility to use SVA professionals as much or as little as you need, scaling up or down in real time as your business demands.

Compliance Audits Using Government Auditing Standards

We serve those organizations receiving federal, state or county funding by providing compliance audits that are in accordance with general accepted auditing standards, the standards for financial audits under Government Auditing Standards and adhere to the requirement that we express an opinion on compliance.

SVA’s experienced professionals can perform an effective and accurate compliance audit which assists the organization in its efforts to follow the applicable regulatory requirements.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting systems and reports are not subject to rules and standards. As a result, there is a wide variety in the cost accounting systems of different companies. Our experts help owners and managers understand the costs of running a business.

Financial Statement Audits and Examinations

Audits offer the highest level of assurance to outside sources and third parties on financial statements and financial statement elements. They include an in-depth examination and confirmation of account balances, inventories and a sample of transactions.

Examinations provide a similar level of assurance as financial statements audits. However this assurance is on the reasonableness of particular management assertions. Examples of these types of engagements include financial forecasts and compliance with laws and regulations.

Financial Statement Reviews, Compilations and Preparation Engagements

Reviews offer limited assurance to outside sources and third parties on financial statements and financial statement elements. They involve a tailored combination of management inquiries and analytical reviews of financial information to identify any items requiring further investigation.

Compilations and preparation engagements offer no assurance but do provide management with a formal set of financial statements for the organization and generally are used when bookkeeping assistance is required. Compilations include a formal accountant’s report and are often used for external reporting while preparation engagements typically exclude a formal report and are often intended for internal use.

Forensic Analysis, Accounting and Investigation

Our team of expertly trained forensic accounting and investigative professionals are skilled in collecting and analyzing financial information for evidence of illegal activity such as suspected embezzlement, fraud or theft, and then creating the comprehensive documentation necessary to be used in legal proceedings. SVA provides these services to financial institutions, insurance companies, attorneys, and public and private companies.

Our team of forensic accountants will find the truth in the numbers. We will:

  • Investigate theft of money, inventory, equipment or other resources
  • Reconstruct records
  • Quantify fraud losses
  • Investigate financial reporting irregularities
  • Analyze and prepare insurance claims
  • Assist with communicating to law enforcement, insurance agents and attorneys

Fraud Prevention Consulting

Opportunity, combined with motive and rationalization, create the conditions necessary for fraud to occur. You can implement “best practices” to reduce the opportunities that may exist for fraud to occur.

SVA’s fraud prevention consulting services are designed to identify weaknesses in accounting and internal control systems. Specific procedures, unique to each company, are developed to help you determine your company’s fraud exposure risk.

Guided Discovery

Organizations often encounter complexities that create uncertainty, which makes decisions about next steps difficult. Through our guided discovery process, SVA can help you discover the situation, identify business problems, assess alternatives and propose solutions to keep your organization moving forward.  

Human Resource Assistance

Human resources are your most valuable asset. Make your organization an employer of choice with assistance from our human resources experts who are available to provide our clients human resource consulting services in the areas of:

  • Policy and procedures
  • Benefits and compensation
  • Employee relations
  • Recruiting

Sales and Use Tax Strategies

Almost everyone is familiar with sales taxes and the role they play as a consumer. However, understanding the complexities and laws involved with sales and use taxes as they apply to business is another story. Reduce the impact of sales tax on not only your business but your customers by proactively planning for the tax consequences of your business-related activities.

Strategic Planning

SVA acts as a sounding board to determine if your vision and company performance are on target for success. Identifying and clearly defining critical success factors, goals, objectives, timelines and accountabilities can mean the difference between a dream and reality.

Value Building

value-builder-scoreAs a business owner, you work hard to make your business successful but do you really know how to increase the value of your business?  On a personal level, you have periodic individual health checkups but have you considered your company’s overall health and its ability to build value?

The Value Builder System is a handy indicator of your company’s well-being.  After taking a quick survey, our Certified Value Builder experts provide a comprehensive assessment of your business and assist you in enhancing the eight key attributes that drive business performance and value.

Click the link to learn more about building the value of your business.

Measurable Results.
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Measurable Results.

"SVA provides proactive sound financial and business advice. They help me gauge what we are doing well, what we can do better, and they develop strategies to guide my company into the future."

Kim Lobdell, President, KL Engineering

KL Engineering



Measurable Results.

"We were fortunate to partner with SVA. Without their guidance, we would not be in the position we are today – the largest endodontics practice in Madison."

Dr. Nabeel Khan, Partner

Capital Endodontics



Measurable Results.

"SVA provides our accounting and back office functions including bill paying, account reconciliations, and compensation calculations. They also been instrumental in strategic planning for business growth and infrastructure development. "

Dr. Sally McKinnon, Partner

Madison Radiologists



Measurable Results.

"Working with SVA gives us one less thing to worry about. They helped us cut our overhead by 6.5% and created effective business processes allowing us to focus on the core of our business- taking care of our patients."

Dr. John Olson, Managing Partner

Madison Anesthesiology Consultants



Measurable Results.

"We rely on SVA’s forward-thinking approach. With their assistance, we restructured our business creating tax and cost savings."

John Stoker, President

Victory Homes



Measurable Results.

"We rely on SVA’s technical expertise and practical advice to help us navigate the complex issues involved in the real estate business."

Mike Morey, President




Measurable Results.

"Our bank recommended SVA and we have never looked back. SVA doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear, they provide the advice we need to grow our business."

Fred Manske, Owner

Manske Machinery Service



Measurable Results.

"SVA provides top to bottom care by being hands on and thorough. Whatever our need, they respond quickly and efficiently. They helped us reduce our overhead by 6%."

Dr. Paul Elcano, Executive Partner

Racine Dental Group



Measurable Results.

"SVA’s valuation of our company and their expertise in loan structuring was instrumental in maximizing the tax benefits as we transitioned ownership."

Scott Stevenson, Owner




Measurable Results.

"SVA provided financial statement stress testing scenarios including how interest rate fluctuations and federal subsidy changes might affect our bottom line. Our board now has the information they need to make informed decisions."

Mary Wright, President

Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp. (WHPC)



Measurable Results.

"SVA streamlined our largest and most complicated fundraising effort by developing an effective method of tracking inventory and sales."

Deborah J. Gilpin, President & CEO

Madison Children's Museum



Measurable Results.

"SVA has a reputation in the dental community that is second-to-none. They have exceeded our expectations and truly have been a catalyst for our business."

Dr. Lisa Teel, DDS, MS, Owner

Meridian Endodontics



Measurable Results.

"I would recommend SVA because no question is too small. They have the same core values as BC Adhesives and we trust their opinions and recommendations."

Melissa Shibilski, Finance Manager

BC Adhesives



Measurable Results.

"SVA was our first phone call. They have been with us since Day 1 and without them I [Mark Nolen] don't know where we would be."

Mark Nolen, President & CEO

Wisconsin Brewing



Measurable Results.

"We saved $20,000 in taxes and deferred over $500,000 of taxable income with the help of SVA. They are a tremendous partner for our company."

Mark Barnes, President/CEO




Measurable Results.

"The SVA team understands the business trends in our industry and helps us develop strategies for business in a good economic climate, as well as preparing us for economic downturns that may occur in the future."

James Wagner, President

Capitol Mechanical Inc.



Measurable Results.

"My clinic saves over $10,000 in taxes yearly with the help of SVA. They help me improve my profitability."

Dr. Jesse Sondel, DVM/Owner

Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic



Measurable Results.

"We hire professionals who bring knowledge to the table that we don’t have. SVA continuously delivers a well-informed, objective perspective we value which makes us continuously evaluate our path."

Lincoln Fowler, Co-Founder

Colectivo Coffee



Measurable Results.

"SVA’s reputation and expertise with nonprofits made them our first choice! Their ability to turn the work around in a condensed timeframe, and in a way that all Board of Director members could digest easily, has made them an invaluable resource to us."

Jennifer Jeffress, Executive Director

Madison Public Library Foundation



Measurable Results.

"When it was time to bring on a new partner, SVA discussed the offer, practice numbers, and goals which made our new partner very comfortable with joining our practice. They appreciated the personalized communication as they transitioned into our practice."

Dr. David Toivonen, M.D., Senior Physician

Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin



Measurable Results.

"SVA has helped us look at opportunities for new locations and as we look to grow, they help us determine what plan is financially feasible and a good business decision."

Dr. Todd Stahnke, DDS, Dentist and Owner

Village Family Dental & Orthodontics


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