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The valuation process requires specialized knowledge and experience and the ability to apply these using specific methodologies and judgment of both quantitative and qualitative factors. SVA specializes in valuing ownership interests in closely held businesses, intellectual property, and other intangible assets for a variety of purposes and end users.

In addition, we assist owners and management in identifying ways to increase the value of their business, forecast the return on new projects, and solve other finance and accounting related problems.



If the marital estate includes an ownership of a closely held business, the value of the business needs to be determined for marital dissolution purposes. The definition and standard of value varies from state to state as does the treatment of goodwill. SVA has experience that allows us to work with your local attorney on any state-specific valuation issues that may arise.

In addition, SVA’s valuation experts are trained and experienced in handling the unique financial challenges presented in collaborative divorce cases.

Estate and Gift Tax

For gift and estate tax purposes, the fair market value of property transferred to another party is measured on the date of the transfer based on the “willing-buyer, willing-seller” test. Assets, without a readily ascertainable value, must have a value determined using methods recognized by taxing authorities and courts as providing a valid result.

SVA assists clients through all phases of the valuation process including audit and tax court proceedings. We work directly with the client’s attorneys, accountants and estate planning professionals to resolve issues that arise including valuation discounts and premiums, pass-through entity and built-in gains tax calculations, and issues related to Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs).

Financing and Recapitalization

Debt financing is often part of the equation for many business transactions, whether acquiring a company or purchasing significant assets. SVA works with our clients and their lenders to provide valuation support for the debt's collateral.

If a Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed business acquisition loan is for more than $350,000, or if there is a close relationship between buyer and seller, the lender must obtain an independent business valuation from a qualified and credentialed source. SVA’s valuation experts are a qualified source as defined by the SBA and are experienced at working with lenders to provide the necessary support and documentation for SBA loans.

Intangible Assets

When a business or bundle of assets is acquired, a valuation is necessary to allocate the purchase price to the component parts for tax purposes and accounting under ASC 805. SVA assists clients in determining and allocating the value to acquired intangible assets, including trademarks, trade names, non-compete agreements, internet domain names, customer lists and relationships, copyrights, contracts, patents, trade secrets, assembled workforce and goodwill.

Subsequent to acquisition, SVA assists clients in ASC 350 testing for the impairment in value of indefinite assets including goodwill.

Intellectual Property

Whether the company has developed a new idea or is interested in acquiring one, a careful estimate of value can be critical to future decisions including licensing, transfer or sale, securing financing, or for tax compliance issues such as charitable donations or valuation of in-process research and development. SVA assists clients in determining the value of their Intellectual Property (IP) as well as providing an estimate of their useful lives and market royalty rates.

Litigation Support

SVA assists attorneys in litigation issues related to valuation, economic damages and forensic accounting. We can provide our services at a range of levels from initial consulting to comprehensive expert witness services and testimony, depending on the attorney's legal strategy and budget.

Merger and Acquisition

Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? SVA works with our clients to identify synergies and overlap to assist in valuation for the sale to a strategic buyer or to bring another business under the company's umbrella.

Ownership Planning

All closely held businesses will either change ownership or liquidate at some point during their life. SVA works with our clients to plan for their businesses' futures, whether that is transferring to the next generation, adding or reducing individual owners, or winding down operations. With advanced planning, our valuation experts can help business owners increase the value of their business to maximize the selling price.

In addition, SVA can assist in proactive analysis and development of a company's buy/sell and operating agreements to avoid confusion and problems in the future.

Measurable Results.

Measurable Results.

"Being able to have access to the diversified range of consulting services available through SVA has helped us tremendously."

Dr. Veerman, Owner

Madison Family Dental Associates



Measurable Results.

"We were fortunate to partner with SVA. Without their guidance, we would not be in the position we are today – the largest endodontics practice in Madison."

Dr. Nabeel Khan, Partner

Capital Endodontics



Measurable Results.

"We hire professionals who bring knowledge to the table that we don’t have. SVA continuously delivers a well-informed, objective perspective we value which makes us continuously evaluate our path."

Lincoln Fowler, Co-Founder

Colectivo Coffee



Measurable Results.

"My clinic saves over $10,000 in taxes yearly with the help of SVA. They help me improve my profitability."

Dr. Jesse Sondel, DVM/Owner

Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic



Measurable Results.

"We saved $20,000 in taxes and deferred over $500,000 of taxable income with the help of SVA. They are a tremendous partner for our company."

Mark Barnes, President/CEO




Measurable Results.

"SVA provides top to bottom care by being hands on and thorough. Whatever our need, they respond quickly and efficiently. They helped us reduce our overhead by 6%."

Dr. Paul Elcano, Executive Partner

Racine Dental Group



Measurable Results.

"We rely on SVA’s technical expertise and practical advice to help us navigate the complex issues involved in the real estate business."

Mike Morey, President




Measurable Results.

"SVA’s reputation and expertise with nonprofits made them our first choice! Their ability to turn the work around in a condensed timeframe, and in a way that all Board of Director members could digest easily, has made them an invaluable resource to us."

Jenni Collins, Executive Director

Madison Public Library Foundation



Measurable Results.

"Our bank recommended SVA and we have never looked back. SVA doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear, they provide the advice we need to grow our business."

Fred Manske, Owner

Manske Machinery Service



Measurable Results.

"Working with SVA gives us one less thing to worry about. They helped us cut our overhead by 6.5% and created effective business processes allowing us to focus on the core of our business- taking care of our patients."

Dr. John Olson, Managing Partner

Madison Anesthesiology Consultants



Measurable Results.

"SVA’s valuation of our company and their expertise in loan structuring was instrumental in maximizing the tax benefits as we transitioned ownership."

Scott Stevenson, Owner



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Measurable Results.

"SVA provides proactive sound financial and business advice. They help me gauge what we are doing well, what we can do better, and they develop strategies to guide my company into the future."

Kim Lobdell, President, KL Engineering

KL Engineering



Measurable Results.

"SVA was our first phone call. They have been with us since Day 1 and without them I [Mark Nolen] don't know where we would be."

Mark Nolen, President & CEO

Wisconsin Brewing


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