Are you looking for ways to streamline your accounting functions? You might be looking for cost savings or have staffing issues on your accounting team. There are many reasons to consider outsourcing your accounting and SVA is here to help.

Why Choose Outsourcing?

  • Cost Savings is probably the biggest reason why you would want to outsource. The benefits include reducing overhead costs for recruiting, employee benefits, training, hardware, accounting software, supplies, and office space.
  • Reducing Business Risk is inherent as outsourcing ensures you have effective internal controls by providing a system of checks and balances to help reduce fraud opportunities and verify the accuracy of your financials.
  • Scalability and Support give you the opportunity to grow your business without the additional time and expense of adding resources. Your outsourced team grows along with you and makes it a priority to keep up to date on accounting standards.

What Options are Available?

SVA will create a tailored solution to meet your needs. We will meet with you to discuss your business requirements and together we will customize a package of the right services to fit your needs.

  • Just the Basics
    • Monthly consultation
    • Account reconciliations
    • General ledger entries
    • Monthly/quarterly/annual financial reports
    • After-the-fact payroll reporting
  • Next Level of Support - Everything Above Plus:
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounts payable
    • Live payroll processing
    • Annual 1099 preparation

Why Choose SVA?

SVA’s team has years of experience providing bookkeeping and back office support. The onboarding process is customized to your needs and our bench-strength provides for a fluid transition of service deliverability. Let SVA help you run your back office, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Accounting Assistance

Accounting is the language of business. Our experts are here to assist with making sure your accounting records are in order, your financial performance is on track, and your day-to-day operations are not at risk.

Client Operational Services - Back Office

In your current environment, you may have staff shortages or are looking for ways to streamline processes. Whether you need a little back office support or a full-service accounting option, SVA can create a tailored solution to meet your needs. Our Back Office Service staff have years of experience providing bookkeeping and back office support. Choose your level of support based on your current needs.

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Cost Accounting

Cost accounting systems and reports are not subject to rules and standards. As a result, there is a wide variety in the cost accounting systems of different companies. Our experts help owners and managers understand the costs of running a business.

Internal Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions

Well run businesses keep well organized financial records. Among other things, this is important for securing loans or attracting investors. Our professionals can evaluate your recordkeeping practices and offer advice for improvements where needed.

Strategic Planning

SVA acts as a sounding board to determine if your vision and company performance are on target for success. Identifying and clearly defining critical success factors, goals, objectives, timelines and accountabilities can mean the difference between a dream and reality.

Measurable Results.

Measurable Results.

"SVA provides our accounting and back office functions including bill paying, account reconciliations, and compensation calculations. They also been instrumental in strategic planning for business growth and infrastructure development. "

Dr. Sally McKinnon, Partner

Madison Radiologists



Measurable Results.

"When it was time to bring on a new partner, SVA discussed the offer, practice numbers, and goals which made our new partner very comfortable with joining our practice. They appreciated the personalized communication as they transitioned into our practice."

Dr. David Toivonen, M.D., Senior Physician

Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin


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