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Creating a Well-Aligned Board = Organizational Success

Creating a Well-Aligned Board = Organizational Success

Ensuring that your board of directors has the necessary skills and experience is imperative for success.

Board members should understand what is expected and needed when they start their tenure as board members. After all, how can a board be successful if each member doesn’t even know their responsibilities?

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Board Member Traits

First, let's start with the traits of an influential board member:

  • They need to be able to tell the story of your organization and its impact.
  • They must be able to adapt to ever-changing priorities and challenges.
  • They should offer innovative fundraising ideas.
  • They must be proactive in supporting the organization.

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Now that you know what to look for, let’s talk about the roles and responsibilities of board members. There are eight responsibilities that board members have. They are:

  1. Understanding and upholding the mission and purpose of the organization
  2. Providing support for nonprofit leadership
  3. Actively participating in strategic planning discussions
  4. Developing the financial resources needed in an ever-changing environment
  5. Recruiting and orientating new board members
  6. Reviewing current and proposed programs and services
  7. Adhering to legal and ethical standards
  8. Safeguarding the organization's assets

BoardSource® recently released their 2021 Leading With Intent Report which finds a connection between the board’s impact on the organization and its understanding of its own roles and responsibilities. The report also indicates that a strong understanding of the board’s role is related to stronger performance across all other areas of board performance.


With this understanding of the importance of creating an effective board, it’s time to provide them with the training they need to be successful. Your board members have skills and attributes they bring to your organization. But being a board member also requires training. A formal training program sets the expectations and provides practical applications for new and tenured board members.

SVA’s Board Building training program can be customized for your organization. Your board is an important part of your organization. Give them the training and resources they need to succeed.

Learn more about SVA’s Board Building Training.

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