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SVA’s varied experience in corporate and nonprofit governance and compliance services helps clients tackle these broad issues while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud consulting, and financial advisory services.


Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements

Agreed-upon procedures engagements are those resulting from a request that certain procedures be performed by an external accountant who lends credibility to the results of tests, evaluations and procedures on specific elements or accounts. Prior to performing the engagement, SVA works very closely with all parties to understand the procedures desired, the extent of testing required and the purpose for which the engagement was requested.

A report detailing the findings is prepared and delivered. As an unbiased party, SVA provides no opinion or certification regarding the results.

Board and Audit Committee Advisory Services

It is necessary for board members to have an understanding of the many issues facing the organizations they serve including financial reporting, strategic planning, managing growth and overall governance. While the issues facing the board of directors can be challenging, the audit committee, appointed by the board of directors, also struggles with multiple responsibilities including oversight of the audit process and implementing recommendations. It is important that both the board and the audit committee have the knowledge and experience needed to be effective in this role.

Both the board and audit committee members often need to consult an independent advisor on matters relating to the challenges they face. SVA’s professionals have the expertise to serve in an advisory role and assist in the success of the organization.

Board Governance

Nonprofit organization managers and boards of directors are continuously challenged to keep up with new tax laws, reporting requirements, and practice standards. Our professionals provide a variety of management and governance resources to help you anticipate and prepare for new developments in nonprofit management.

Business Process, Workflow and Controls Optimization

SVA leverages its knowledge of business operations and internal controls to help organizational stakeholders identify opportunities to strengthen business processes and align technologies while minimizing the organization’s exposure to identified risks.  To do so, we review an organization’s current processes and control structure, evaluate the quality of the internal accounting staff, and gain an understanding of organizational governance to make recommendations for increasing efficiency while better safeguarding assets.

Compliance Audits Using Governance

Federal, state and local funding often comes with strings attached – specific requirements that the organization must comply with in order to receive or retain the funding.  SVA helps organizations to understand these complex compliance requirements and to provide assurance that the organization has complied with the requirements, particularly through compliance audits including those conducted under Government Auditing Standards.

Compliance Audits Using Government Auditing Standards

We serve those organizations receiving federal, state or county funding by providing compliance audits that are in accordance with general accepted auditing standards, the standards for financial audits under Government Auditing Standards and adhere to the requirement that we express an opinion on compliance.

SVA’s experienced professionals can perform an effective and accurate compliance audit which assists the organization in its efforts to follow the applicable regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

This service is provided by SVA Consulting. Click the link to learn more about cybersecurity and risk management.

Fraud Risk Assessment

In today’s corporate environment, the mentality of ‘it won’t happen to me’ is being replaced with the question “How can I prevent this from happening to me?”

For profit entities and nonprofit organizations are more susceptible than ever to fraudulent activity due to weak internal controls, improper disposal of confidential information and ineffective security on technology.  Many individuals can commit fraud against any organization or company with an understanding of where weaknesses commonly lie.

SVA’s fraud risk assessment professionals help to uncover these weaknesses and will make recommendations to strengthen controls and security to protect your physical and intellectual assets.

Grant Compliance and Reporting

Recipients of federal or state grants must comply with all applicable statutes, regulations and policies as well as their own institutional requirements. SVA partners with the recipient organization to ensure:

  • Funds are utilized in accordance with the terms and approved budget of the grant
  • Unused balances of grant funds are remitted to the granting authority
  • Required reports are accurate and submitted on time
  • Adequate documentation is maintained
  • Proper and efficient administration of the grant award.

IT Security, Governance and Compliance

Daily operational activities. Safeguards. Processes. Procedures. Internal audit departments focus on these activities and are designed to offer analysis, checks and balances and assure accuracy. Likewise, an internal audit function helps a governing board or audit committee fulfill its responsibilities for establishing effective and efficient control and financial reporting systems, policies and procedures and creating a strong corporate governance structure.

Fulfilling corporate governance responsibilities in today’s ever-changing business environment is a serious challenge. Keeping an internal audit function on pace with risk and environmental changes as well as staffed with experienced internal audit personnel who can create and communicate important goals and policies of the organization is a daunting task for many governing boards. Our assurance professionals have developed effective, efficient tools to assist governing boards in fulfilling these responsibilities.

This service is provided by SVA Consulting.Click the link to learn more about data security services.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Controls Identification and Testing

Fulfilling corporate governance responsibilities in today’s ever-changing and complex business environment is a serious challenge. Utilizing a top-down, risk-based approach, we streamline the SOX compliance effort, eliminating excessive time investments, personnel resources and dollars on this annual compliance need. Sustainable SOX compliance assistance is provided via complete project outsourcing down to limited control testing efforts. Because our SOX compliance service professionals at SVA are practicing CPAs and external auditors, fellow external auditors usually place greater reliance on our work, thereby potentially decreasing the overall external audit effort.

Measurable Results.

Measurable Results.

"Being able to have access to the diversified range of consulting services available through SVA has helped us tremendously."

Dr. Veerman, Owner

Madison Family Dental Associates



Measurable Results.

"We were fortunate to partner with SVA. Without their guidance, we would not be in the position we are today – the largest endodontics practice in Madison."

Dr. Nabeel Khan, Partner

Capital Endodontics



Measurable Results.

"We hire professionals who bring knowledge to the table that we don’t have. SVA continuously delivers a well-informed, objective perspective we value which makes us continuously evaluate our path."

Lincoln Fowler, Co-Founder

Colectivo Coffee



Measurable Results.

"My clinic saves over $10,000 in taxes yearly with the help of SVA. They help me improve my profitability."

Dr. Jesse Sondel, DVM/Owner

Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic



Measurable Results.

"We saved $20,000 in taxes and deferred over $500,000 of taxable income with the help of SVA. They are a tremendous partner for our company."

Mark Barnes, President/CEO




Measurable Results.

"SVA provides top to bottom care by being hands on and thorough. Whatever our need, they respond quickly and efficiently. They helped us reduce our overhead by 6%."

Dr. Paul Elcano, Executive Partner

Racine Dental Group



Measurable Results.

"We rely on SVA’s technical expertise and practical advice to help us navigate the complex issues involved in the real estate business."

Mike Morey, President




Measurable Results.

"SVA’s reputation and expertise with nonprofits made them our first choice! Their ability to turn the work around in a condensed timeframe, and in a way that all Board of Director members could digest easily, has made them an invaluable resource to us."

Jenni Collins, Executive Director

Madison Public Library Foundation



Measurable Results.

"Our bank recommended SVA and we have never looked back. SVA doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear, they provide the advice we need to grow our business."

Fred Manske, Owner

Manske Machinery Service



Measurable Results.

"Working with SVA gives us one less thing to worry about. They helped us cut our overhead by 6.5% and created effective business processes allowing us to focus on the core of our business- taking care of our patients."

Dr. John Olson, Managing Partner

Madison Anesthesiology Consultants



Measurable Results.

"SVA’s valuation of our company and their expertise in loan structuring was instrumental in maximizing the tax benefits as we transitioned ownership."

Scott Stevenson, Owner



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Measurable Results.

"SVA provides proactive sound financial and business advice. They help me gauge what we are doing well, what we can do better, and they develop strategies to guide my company into the future."

Kim Lobdell, President, KL Engineering

KL Engineering



Measurable Results.

"SVA was our first phone call. They have been with us since Day 1 and without them I [Mark Nolen] don't know where we would be."

Mark Nolen, President & CEO

Wisconsin Brewing


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