At SVA Veterinary Services, our consultants have the expertise that comes with years of experience in the industry. We understand that your patients and clients are your number one priority, and you don’t necessarily have time to tackle practice management related issues. That’s where we come in. Like you, taking care of our clients is what matters most to us and we pride ourselves in providing measurable results to all of our clients.

Through our veterinary advising and consulting services, we’ll help you answer the common questions you may be asking yourself, no matter what phase of your career you’re in. We’ll take the emotion out of the decision-making process and provide you with the right information to help you make fact-based decisions about your practice and your career. Some common questions may include:

  • Should you finish paying off your student loan debt early?
  • How do you find your first job?
  • Should you become an associate or start your own practice?
  • Which business structure is right for your practice?
  • Should you add to your current staff?
  • How should you go about selling your practice?

Download the Due Diligence Checklists for Veterinary Practice Buyers and Sellers


Whether you’re buying or selling your practice, there’s a lot of things to consider. Keep track of everything that needs to be done using these checklists.



Acquire a Veterinary Practice
BUSINESS IMPACT: Take the Next Step

By purchasing an existing practice, you are making money from day one. You have a staff up and ready to go, a client base, and a reputation in the community. Our experts are able to assist you with:

Whatever stage you're at in the buying process, we're here to help as your trusted financial advisor. Contact SVA today and learn how our team can help you.

Compensation Models
BUSINESS IMPACT: Reward Profitability

Many books, professional journals, websites and blogs discuss the factors one should consider when establishing a compensation model for a veterinary practice. But the most important thing to remember is there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

To get started, SVA’s veterinary consultants can guide you through the myriad of questions related to compensation. Here are just some of the questions to consider when planning the best model for your practice:

  • Should compensation be a fixed salary?
  • Is it a percentage of the revenue generated and collected?
  • Should it be based on profitability?
  • Does it include professional services and/or over-the-counter medications and products?
  • How are staff members paid?
  • What about performance-based compensation?
  • Should I consider length of service?
  • What about training costs?
  • Where do I calculate benefits into the model? 

Grow your Veterinary Practice
BUSINESS IMPACT: Strategic Growth

We'll analyze your statistics related to the profitability of your practice, your fee schedules, active patient counts and doctor productivity with the goal of increasing efficiency and profitability. SVA experts have experience dealing with all of these issues and finding a model that will make your practice profitable. You'll also find that there are tax, as well as financial reporting, aspects that can directly impact your doctor productivity.

We can help you analyze all aspects of your practice through the lens of your goals. Some key factors that determine the growth of your veterinary practice are:

  • Analyzing staffing and compensation to determine the right size and proper earnings for your employees
  • Helping you minimize your income tax liabilities
  • Assisting you to right size your overhead

Sell a Veterinary Practice
BUSINESS IMPACT: Path to Success

To get top dollar for your veterinary practice, you need to ensure that it is at maximum profitability before you sell. Before you put your practice up for sale, we can help you determine profitability by evaluating a few key areas:

  • How does your office benchmark against other practices?
  • Are your veterinarians producing what they should be?
  • Is your overhead too high? If it's over 62% - yes it is!
  • Are your fees competitive?
  • Are your receivables up to date?
  • Is your appointment scheduling efficient and effective?

Start your Veterinary Practice
BUSINESS IMPACT: Decide on Success

You've finished school and are ready to start your own veterinary practice, or you’re ready to branch out on your own. The hard work and tough decisions are done, right? Think again. Before you get started, there are decisions to make that will truly shape your veterinary practice path.

We will work closely with you to develop the right plan and provide continuous support. Through our countless years of experience, we know that going down this path alone can be a risk.

Veterinary Practice Accounting Services
BUSINESS IMPACT: Benchmark and Analyze

It’s not just going through some numbers. It’s what those numbers tell us about your practice - the big picture overview. Our solid understanding of these numbers helps us prepare your practice for the future by offering practical tools and customized expertise specifically for your veterinary practice.

Veterinary Practice Management
BUSINESS IMPACT: Improve Profitability

Our veterinary advisors have spent a number of years within the industry and understand everything from practice ownership to compensation models that support a positive company culture. We benchmark your practice against those of your peers and provide insights into how your practice is performing. The end result is one that culminates with better care, smoother running practices and, ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Veterinary Practice Tax Services

Is your veterinary practice as profitable as you want it to be? Do you manage your finances effectively? Does your practice have a plan for the future? Proper tax planning answers questions you may not have thought of. It can also be leveraged to reduce your tax burden.

Being able to understand your financial data to determine where your practice is now, what adjustments you can make to help improve your bottom line and how regulations will affect your profits will ensure your practice is moving on the right path.

Veterinary Practice Valuation
BUSINESS IMPACT: Determine Value

Determining the value of your practice should be simple, but it never is. There are different methods that can be used and some are incredibly complex. Having an updated value isn’t just necessary for retirement planning, it can help in the case of impairment or even death. In many cases, your veterinary practice is often the most valuable asset you own.

Anyone can render an opinion, but our veterinary valuation experts understand your practice operations as well as intangible variables that add to the complexity of a practice valuation—expertise that can only be gained through experience.

Measurable Results.

Measurable Results.

"My clinic saves over $10,000 in taxes yearly with the help of SVA. They help me improve my profitability."

Dr. Jesse Sondel, DVM/Owner

Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic


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