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Sales Tax Holiday

June 6, 2018

Mark your calendars back-to-school shoppers! Wisconsin has declared a sales tax holiday from Wednesday, August 1st through Sunday, August 5th, 2018. During this time frame, a variety of items purchased for personal use will not be subject to sales tax.

During the sales tax holiday, the following items are not taxable:

  • Clothing, if the price is $75 or less per item
  • School supplies, if the price is $75 or less per item
  • Computers for personal use, if the price is $750 or less per computer
  • School computer supplies for personal use, if the price is $250 or less per item

Take note that there are some commonplace back-to-school items that will remain subject to sales tax during this holiday. These items include:

  • School art supplies
  • School instructional materials
  • Protective equipment
  • Sports and recreational equipment
  • Clothing accessories or equipment
  • Protective bags for electronic equipment

Additional information, including frequently asked questions and more in-depth lists of tax exempt and non-exempt items, can be found at revenue.wi.gov/Pages/Individuals/SalesTaxHoliday.aspx.

Your SVA professional is available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this holiday.