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Nonprofit Audit Preparation Time Reduced by Three Times

The Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC) was formed in 1970 to create and manage a system of regionalized perinatal care. Their mission is to provide excellent health care to women, infants and families in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Like many organizations, they were not looking forward to the time of year when their annual audit is scheduled. Typically it means there will be a disruption in staff time and resources as initiatives are put on hold to spend time answering a barrage nonprofit audit preparation questions and gathering information for the external auditors.

"Our audits occur at our busiest time of year," commented Ann Conway, Executive Director of WAPC and the Perinatal Foundation. “Our staff's time and resources are limited, the value of efficiency is crucial for a nonprofit. SVA's audit process was very streamlined and efficient.”

Prior to SVA completing WAPC's audits, their staff would spend double or triple the amount of time completing forms via email that were not always user friendly.  Even after completing the forms, there were more questions and staff time spent. SVA's professionals used a completely different approach. Instead of completing forms, the auditors sat down with WAPC in person to complete the forms and ask any necessary questions. From there the audit work began with little interruption.

"The interview process saved us so much time and effort," said Ann. "The level of professionalism, the efficiency and the ability to work independently with no hand holding from us was refreshing. And the level of open communication both before and after the audit has been ideal."

"There was a sense of satisfaction that everything was completed on time," continued Ann. "We didn't have a checklist of due dates and we didn't have to oversee SVA to make sure everything was completed. We were confident things were done well and on time." 

Measurable Results. wapc-logo-measurable-results-sva-accountants

  • Staff time savings
  • Efficient process
  • Limited business disruption

The level of professionalism, the efficiency and the ability to work independently with no hand holding from us was refreshing

Ann Conway, Executive Director
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