measurable-results-iconDr. Tom Willett

SVA's Tax Law Expertise Helped Physician Realize $136,000 Tax Refund

Dr. Tom Willett of Green Lake has taken advantage of SVA’s multitude of service offerings, but he began his relationship with the firm as a personal tax client. Surprised by the amount of hidden deductions his SVA tax accountant uncovered and by the large refund they provided, he began to seek advice in other areas of business. By using the team-approach to business practices, SVA brought significant results to Dr. Willett’s personal holdings and his practice.

A cost segregation study on his newly constructed building enabled Dr. Willett to appropriately depreciate his fixed assets. This resulted in an additional depreciation in the early years of the project which had a net present value of over $125,000. An analysis of his gross margins and inventory levels helped guide him to profitability. And SVA’s vigilance in keeping the doctor informed of tax law changes allowed for $136,000 in refunds.

Measurable Results.

  • Personal tax savings
  • Improved practice profitability
  • Strategic practice tax reduction
  • Depreciated fixed assets

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