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Exit Planning Webinar: Preparing Your Business for a Sale to an Insider

Event Date February 21, 2019
Event Time 11:30AM - 12:00PM CST
Event Location
  • Online


Plan Ahead for a Successful Business Transition

Logically every business owner knows they will eventually need an exit plan. But surveys indicate most business owners are not prepared. Have you calculated how much money you need from the sale or transfer of your business? And more importantly, is your business worth what you need?

SVA’s Exit Planning Webinar Series will help you sell or transfer your business – when you want, for the money you need, to the person you choose.

Exit Planning: Preparing Your Business for a Sale to an Insider

If you are contemplating transferring your business to children, employees or a co-owner, you will need to assess the intended successors. Are they capable, do they understand the risks and can they afford to buy you out?

Cash flow often determines the sale price to insiders, and insider transfers are risky because the successors often do not have the funds needed. Careful tax planning is also required as cash flow could be taxed twice.

Our experts will discuss:

  • Benefits and challenges to an insider sale
  • The role of EBITDA and cash flow in the sale
  • Gifting stock to a business active child
  • Why an ESOP might be the right choice

Presented by:

Nicole Gralapp, CPA, CEXP™
SVA Certified Public Accountants
    Nancy Mehlberg, CVB
SVA Certified Public Accountants


Fee: $25/business. Each company is invited to share the webinar with their management team and will be provided the recorded webinar.

Each business will receive a Customized Exit Planning Assessment after taking the quick online exit planning assessment questionnaire.

Visit SVA.com/Exit to view the other webinars in the series.

If you are unable to attend our webinar series, visit our Business Transitions & Succession Planning webpage for more information.