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SVA's Business Plan Development Benefits Wisconsin Brewing

Wisconsin Brewing Company was founded in 2011 by brothers Mark and Carl Nolen and Brew Master Kirby Nelson. “When we decided to launch Wisconsin Brewing Company we knew we needed strategic business advice and we turned to our trusted business advisors at SVA. SVA assisted us with business and financial planning, projections, and a strategy to raise the capital we needed,” stated Mark Nolen, Chief Financial Officer. With the assistance of SVA, Wisconsin Brewing Company met their capital fund goals despite the tough market environment.

“SVA helped us with our business plan development and because of that we were able to raise $8 million of investment income in a very short time.  We rely on SVA’s strategic business expertise, and with their help, we have exceeded our first year sales projections.”

The management team at Wisconsin Brewing considers SVA an integral part of their success. As issues arise there is continuous communication enabling SVA to provide ongoing strategic business advice, which has helped the brewery exceed their growth projections for the first year.

“From the start of our business plan – to our grand opening – to the celebration of our first anniversary, we have relied on SVA’s expertise,” stated Mark Nolen. “We are confident that we will meet our goal of producing 100,000 barrels in the next couple years.”

Measurable Results. wisconsin-brewing-co-logo-measurable-results-sva-accountants

  • Success in a Tough Market
  • Capital Fund Development
  • Met Short Timelines
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Ongoing Advice & Communication
  • Ready for Future Growth/Expansion
  • Great Tasting Beer!

SVA was our first phone call. They have been with us since Day 1 and without them I [Mark Nolen] don't know where we would be.

Mark Nolen, President & CEO
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