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SVA's Business Structuring Expertise Benefits The Victory Companies

The Victory Companies, Inc. is comprised of three construction companies offering a wide spectrum of residential home options. “When I started the business in 2003, I was were referred to SVA Certified Public Accountants by a business acquaintance. Through the years our company has grown with the assistance of the proactive strategies that SVA provides,” states John Stocker, President of The Victory Companies, Inc.

In 2009 he acquired J. Anthony Homes. SVA assisted with the business acquisition process and subsequently restructured the organization to create three subsidiaries under The Victory Companies, Inc. - J. Anthony Homes, Allan Builders, and Victory Homes of Wisconsin. The new company structure provided significant tax savings and time savings based on recommended process improvements.

“During the economic downturn, SVA worked with us on three and six month projections to guide us through the difficult economy,” continues John. “As the company grew, SVA provided succession planning and management development strategies allowing me to work on growing the business, as we turned the day-to-day tasks over to key management staff.”

“Most have heard of ‘Relationship Banking’, but SVA is truly a ‘Relationship Professional Services Firm’,” stated John. “They are responsive to our needs and their forward-thinking strategies have helped our business grow.”

Measurable Results. victory-companies-logo-measurable-results-sva-accountants

  • Company acquisitions
  • Optimized tax liability
  • Company subsidiary restructure
  • Forward-thinking projections
  • Economic downturn strategy
  • Succession planning

We rely on SVA’s forward-thinking approach. With their assistance, we restructured our business creating tax and cost savings.

John Stoker, President
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