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Dental Practice Recruitment and Dental Practice Placement Services

Dental Practice Recruitment Services

SVA Dental Recruitment and Placement Solutions has the experience, expertise and deep dental network to take the recruitment task off your plate allowing you to focus on what you do best, providing excellent dental care to your patients. We have a proven personalized process to match candidates to your practice. Our collaborative approach nets the results your practice requires.

Setting the stage for successful dental practice recruitment

SVA will:

  • Work with you to understand your practice needs and culture and establish selection criteria
  • Use our industry knowledge to review your practice compensation package and make recommendations

Start the search

SVA will:

  • Create a search strategy to match candidates with your practice philosophy and goals
  • Develop advertising and recruitment campaigns
  • Review candidates sourced from our deep dental network

Choose the best candidate

SVA will:

  • Recruit, interview and match your practice with the best candidates based on needs, skills, qualifications, goals and philosophy
  • Work with you to create an attractive offer
  • Notify candidates who were not selected

Dental Practice Placement Services

Whether you are new to the industry or experienced and looking for a change, SVA Dental Placement Solutions will help you find a practice that fits your skills, personality, philosophy and goals. Our years of experience in the dental industry gives us a deep knowledge, allowing us to help you make the right decisions for your future.

Setting yourself up for success

SVA will:

  • Assist with your resume/CV creation or review and help position yourself for success
  • Conduct a deep dive conversation to identify your desired practice scenario based on your needs, skills, strengths, practice philosophy and goals to assist in matching you with your ideal practice
  • Coach you on the interviewing process

Note: Our confidential process provides a safe environment for your job search.

Matching your skills with practice goals

SVA will:

  • Match your skills and philosophy with practice openings that align with your goals
  • Use our deep industry relationships to provide a wide range of practice opportunities
  • Make recommendations to help you find the right fit based on your goals and objectives

Download our Is Your Dental Practice Ready to Hire an Associate? eGuide

is your practice ready to hire an associate

Bringing on a new associate for your dental practice is no simple task. Find out if you're ready.

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Acquire a Dental Practice

By purchasing an existing practice, you are making money from day one. You have a staff up and ready to go, a client base, and a reputation in the community. Our experts are able to assist you with:

  • Dental Practice Analysis and Valuation
  • Tax Issues in Making an Offer on the Dental Practice
  • Financing the Purchase of a Dental Practice
  • Consultation Regarding Offer Terms

Whatever stage you're at in the buying process, we're here to help as your trusted financial advisor. Contact SVA today and learn how our team can help you.

Bringing on an Associate

If making your practice more profitable and productive is at the top of the list, and you personally can’t handle more patients…..then bringing on an associate may be the answer. Not everyone will agree when a practice should bring on an associate, and some want to do it for more personal reasons, but here are a few general guidelines or thoughts to consider:

  • The number of active patients exceeds 2000 in a general practice
  • The dentist is booking 4-6 weeks in advance (counting next appointments only, not a booked treatment plan)
  • You want to take your practice to the next level
  • You have completed the financial due diligence needed with your accountant and this is the right time financially
  • The practice is profitable
  • You’re looking for an exit strategy and a person to eventually buy the practice

Then when bringing in a new associate, there are many factors you will need to consider such as determining how new patients are handled, the compensation, how expenses will be handled, an independent contractor or an employee, the employment agreement and if buy-in options are a consideration.

Dental Practice Management

The business components of dentistry are complicated. Our SVA Dental Services Team has extensive experience and deep knowledge in the dental industry and understands the many pieces that must work together to attain your goal of an efficient, profitable, and satisfying dental practice.

You need to make sure you understand the financial data of your practice to fully understand where your practice is now, what adjustments you can make to help improve your bottom line and the value of your practice, and how the decisions you make will impact the profitability and value of your practice.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Our experts will work with you and your staff to:

  • Identify and resolve the pain points in your dental practice
  • Grow your practice’s production by assessing doctor production and hygiene department performance, identifying areas of improvement, and developing and monitoring a growth plan
  • Maximize profitability of your practice by benchmarking production, receipts, and expenses against your peers and industry norms
  • Enhance top-line revenue by analyzing payor and insurance company contracts and fee schedules
  • Address the challenges of office staffing  including employee/associate compensation and benefit package design
  • Design employee incentive programs to align the office towards common goals
  • Assess the who, what, when, where, and how of hiring an associate
  • Analyze your current business entity and its tax structure to ensure it meets your current and future needs

Our practice management solutions culminate with better patient care, smoother running practices, and ultimately… a financially “healthier” practice!

Grow your Dental Practice

We'll analyze your statistics related to the profitability of your hygiene department, patient recall, fee schedules, active patient counts, and doctor productivity with the goal of increasing efficiency and profitability. You'll also find that there are tax aspects, as well as financial reporting, that can directly impact your hygiene department and doctor productivity.

We can help you analyze all aspects of your dental practice through the lens of your goals. Some key factors that determine the growth of your dental practice are:

  • Reviewing insurance contracts so you only sign the ones that make the most sense for your practice
  • Analyzing staffing and compensation to determine the right size and proper earnings for your employees
  • Helping you minimize your income tax liabilities
  • Assisting you with right sizing your overhead.

Start your Dental Practice

You've finished school and are ready to start your dental practice, or you’re ready to branch out on your own. The hard work and tough decisions are done, right? Think again. Before you get started, there are decisions to make that will truly shape your dental practice path.

We will work closely with you to develop the right plan and provide continuous support. Through our countless years of experience, we know that going down this path alone can be a risk.

Transition a Dental Practice

Whether you are reaching the point of retirement or are transitioning to another stage in your career, together we will assist you on your path to success and peace of mind. From dental practice valuation to consultation regarding contract terms, we ensure that your personal financial goals and objectives remain our number one priority as we offer full and professional assistance along the journey.

To get top dollar for your dental practice, you need to ensure that it is at maximum profitability. SVA can help you determine that by evaluating a few key areas:

  • How does your office benchmark against best practices in dental productivity?
  • Are your hygienists producing what they should be?
  • Is your overhead too high? If it's over 62% - yes it is!
  • Are your insurance contracts profitable?
  • Are your fees competitive?
  • Are your receivables up to date?
  • Is your appointment scheduling efficient and effective?
Measurable Results.

Measurable Results.

"We were fortunate to partner with SVA. Without their guidance, we would not be in the position we are today – the largest endodontics practice in Madison."

Dr. Nabeel Khan, Partner

Capital Endodontics



Measurable Results.

"SVA provides top to bottom care by being hands on and thorough. Whatever our need, they respond quickly and efficiently. They helped us reduce our overhead by 6%."

Dr. Paul Elcano, Executive Partner

Racine Dental Group



Measurable Results.

"SVA has a reputation in the dental community that is second-to-none. They have exceeded our expectations and truly have been a catalyst for our business."

Dr. Lisa Teel, DDS, MS, Owner

Meridian Endodontics



Measurable Results.

"SVA helped us start our new business, transition our old practices and they have been a good resource from human resources to planning to purchasing new equipment."

Dr. Bird, Partner

Orthodontic Specialists of Madison


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